Fact File: Cressida Cowell


No, I’m not screaming and running around and knocking over Christmas trees. How dare thee accuse me of such a thing.

And no, this post isn’t even Christmas themed. Shame on me.

Today I’m doing another fact file, this one on Cressida Cowell, the fantastically amazing writer of¬†How to Train Your Dragon, one of my favourite children’s books (and films) of all time. We actually have a lot in common, Cressida and I, because we both are dragon queens with degrees in dragonology. Yeah, I know. I have many hidden talents.

Anyways, Merry Christmas for Sunday! If you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you’re enjoying the holidays! And remember, Jesus is the reason for the season ūüėČ

Cressida Cowell:
Gender: Female
Age: 50
Occupation: writer
Famous for: How to Train Your Dragon series
Cowell grew up partly in London and partly on an island off the
west coast of Scotland. On this island, there were no roads,
houses or electricity, so Cressida spent a lot of her time
drawing and writing stories. Her father told her legends of the
Vikings who invaded their island and the dragons thought to have
lived in caves in the cliffs. These legends helped her to form
her stories of Vikings and dragons and, eventually, the How to
Train Your Dragon series we know and love today. She studied
English and later graphic design and illustration, before
beginning her work of writing children's picture books. Her most
famous book, How to Train Your Dragon, was made into a film in
2010, with a sequel in 2014. She still lives in London, but now
with her husband Simon and their three children.

To learn more about Cressida Cowell, click here.

Fact Files are back! Where did they go?

Bonjour mes amis!

Yes, I know, I have been awful with posting lately. And here I was thinking¬†I should take December off. Well, this shall not be the case, at least not this year. I think I owe you all some posts! My goal for December: post every week. I’ll most likely fail but WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER. Here is a really cheesy¬†encouraging quote for December that I shall insert here: “If you believe in yourself, anything is possible.” What a load of codswallop.

Quick announcement: I now have Goodreads (took awhile, I know) so if you have any recommendations then you can tell me there!

Anyway, on this very special day, FACT FILES SHALL RETURN. They just went on a special quest to return some ring to a Mount Doom or something like that. No biggie. But yes, they’re back with a little bit of a twist… I’ve decided to change the focus of my lovely gifts of factual knowledge from book characters to authors! Partly because I don’t really know which characters to choose and partly because I really don’t know anything about authors. I feel as if they are quite underappreciated. So, hop on y’all! Also feel free to comment below which authors you’d like to know more about, or whether you hate this idea passionately and wish for me to go back to character fact files. If so, you’re not alone; this idea scares me too. Today, I’m starting off with¬†a fact file on the epic John Grisham, author of the¬†Theodore Boone¬†books.

John Grisham:
Gender: Male
Age: 61
Occupation: writer, attorney, politician
Famous for: A Time to Kill, The Firm
Grisham was born in Arkansas in 1955 and, when he was young, dreamed
of becoming a professional basketball player, but soon switched his
aspirations to being a lawyer. He practiced law for a decade in
Southaven, sneaking in a few hours of writing before work after
overhearing a 12-year-old's testimony and being inspired to write
about it. His first book, A Time to Kill, sold over 2 million copies.
His writing hobby soon became a full-time career and over 7 of his
books have been made into films. No one can argue against the fact
that he is the king of legal thrillers. Although, from time to time,
he still plays a bit of basketball.

To learn more about John Grisham, click here.

National Author’s Day

Hello readers and writers and other human beings of this world.

So, as you may or may not know, this Tuesday is National Author’s Day! Exciting times. Therefore I thought it would be a nice idea to formally rant about why my favourite authors are so amazing. I know you’re excited. Stop throwing confetti around! Throw authors around instead.

Now, because I am an honourable fan of lists, this is how I shall present my formal rants. Here is a list of my top 3 favourite authors! I know that seems a little amount, but I am a busy child (aka my TBR awaits).

Please note that these authors are in no particular order, accept the order in which they came to the top of my head. I love all of my authors equally, how dare you say otherwise.

1) Lemony Snicket Рwriter of A Series of Unfortunate Events

Shocking, I know. I literally¬†never¬†talk about him… Ever… Oh be quiet, IL EST¬†AMAZING. Ignore what I said about loving authors equally, we all know he’s my favourite. Snicket rules supreme. Admit to his fabulousness or suffer certain death.

My favourite thing about Lemony Snicket is that his writing is so clever and sneaky and everything is mysteriously connected in some way yet¬†you still have questions that will never be answered because Snicket is a cruel writer. He publishes a new book and you’re praying that it will reveal the answers to all your life questions but NO. Snicket just don’t work like that, innocent little bookworm. YOUR QUESTIONS WILL NEVER BE ANSWERED AND YOU WILL LIVE A LIFE OF MISERY. I have already spent many of my years searching for the Quagmires, looking through files such as¬†The Unauthorized Autobiography¬†and¬†The Beatrice Letters, but I am yet to find my poor little darlings. No, I am not crying right now. I will stay strong… *bursts into uncontrollable sobbing*

Unfortunately, (aha, see what I did there) I don’t think there’s actually a name for the Snicket fandom, and so, as a loyal fan, I feel I am obliged to name it… the Lemons. Pure genius, I know. My purpose in this world has been fulfilled.

2) Lauren Child Рwriter of Ruby Redfort

I feel like Lauren Child is way too underrated. Yes, yes, I know¬†Charlie and Lola is a TV show and all that, but what about her actual novels? The epic¬†Clarice Bean? The amazing¬†Ruby Redfort? GO READ PEOPLES. Just kidding, finish this post first. I haven’t actually read a Lauren Child book in about 2 years, but never fear, I shall be finishing the¬†Ruby Redfort series hopefully¬†very¬†soon, as I shall be forcing my mother to buy the last two books. I’m a nice daughter, I know. “But mum, it’s educational…” And yes,¬†THREE NEW BOOKS have been released since I read the third one. Time flies, am I right? So yes, I hope to be gobbling those up ASAP.

As I was saying,¬†Ruby Redfort¬†has so little appreciaption I’m crying right now. Oh, so many tears in this post. Come on guys, one of the books literally has a BUBBLEGUM SCENTED FRONT COVER. Yes, it is also the only one of the books I have on my kindle. I am very upset. Moving on from the scented covers, these books have everything. Awesome characters, super awesome spy stuff, loads of action and nail-biting scenes… in short, I am¬†in love. When I’m older, I’m so going to be a secret agent. I mean as well as a writer and ninja and pirate. Ambitious, I know. Just you wait…

3) Rick Riordan Рwriter of Percy Jackson and the Olympians

I know, I know, this is also a¬†huge¬†surprise to you all. I mean, it’s not like I’ve been blabbering on about him endlessly in my most recent posts. It’s actually starting to annoy me, and I’m sure you will agree, how flawless this man’s writing is. Flawless, I say.

There are many things that make Uncle Rick fabulous. One of the most fabulous things is the awesome characters he creates who are basically my best friends, no lie. If I ever feel lonely I will literally talk to them in my mind. Yes, I am that sad. Yes, when I opened my very first book, I did lose my sanity. Please help.

But probably the most fabulous thing, if I even dare to pick one, is how this fabulous man can stuff SO MUCH CONTENT into one book that it makes my head explode with excitement and my fingers sore from turning the pages too quickly. I, very sadly, suffer from skipping-through syndrome, but I only tend to see symptons in extra-fabulous books such as those of Uncle Rick. The last time I suffered greatly from this illness was, in fact, in the works of the great Snicket (see above) which just proves that these authors are off-the-scale fabulous, darn it.

Other favourites:

  • J.K. Rowling
  • John Grisham
  • Wendy Orr
  • C.S. Lewis
  • Cressida Cowell
  • Markus Zusak
  • Geraldine McCaughrean

Thanks for reading everyone! Hope you enjoyed this little different post. Who’s your favourite author? Do you share any of mine? If so, fangirl with me. If not, how dare you come here. Go sit in a corner¬†and rethink your life.

Also, a big thank you to Alyssa for getting me obsessed with horizontal lines. Thanks a lot Alyssa.