Drumroll, please…

How have you bookworms been? Excited to find out the winner of my writing competition? Ok, ok quieten down please, the winner will be announced shortly! But before that, I would like to thank everyone who entered my competition; I absolutely loved every one of the entries and I want you all to know that you’re all winners for doing such a brilliant job with your stories and poems. It was actually a really close competition, all of the entries were really good and I enjoyed every last one. But we all know there has to be a winner, and that winner is *drumroll* … Aminah!!! Well done Aminah! Please could you email me your address ASAP so I can send you your prize! Again, thank you and well done to everyone who entered. Here is Aminah’s entry…

Always Betrayed
Why do I feel like I am always being betrayed?
I just disappear from lives; I start to fade.
People forget me; they just move on and leave me,
I am like that one autumn leaf that just hangs off a tree.
It hurts very much when somebody betrays you,
You feel so alone and you feel so blue.
The whole world just crumbles around me, myself and I,
Nobody cares if I’m depressed or if I cry.
Friends blew into my life like a sweet, summer breeze,
Then, they steal my heart in a flash, and make me weak in the knees.
We said our friendship would last forever – I said we’d never part,
You never cared anyway, even though I gave everything, my heart.
We had such great times, such fun,
But you can never fix something that’s already done.

P.S. Aminah has written a book of poems which you can buy here.

Blogiversary COMPETITION / Mini Review

Hey guys!

So you know how for my blogiversary last year I had a Guest Post competition? Well I was thinking I could do a competition this year too! It’s open to anyone and everyone and is completely free to enter. Here is the competition…

You have the choice to write either a poem or short story. The theme (for both) is Betrayal. It, obviously, has to be your own work, and please make sure it’s family friendly. Maximum is 500 words, and don’t forget to add some imagination!

If you would like to enter the competition, please drop a comment below saying “I’M A CRAZY CHICKEN” and email your entry to me at simizat@yahoo.co.uk by my Blogiversary, August 22nd. I will judge the competition and the winner will receive a prize, as well as their entry being posted on my blog. Have fun and good luck!

And now for my mini review! Just to make sure, this review has nothing to do with the competition 😉

The Bunny Slippers ~ Emily from For the Bookish

I came upon The Bunny Slippers one sunny day, from the realm of For the Bookish: a wonderful town of book-related stuff by a fellow book lover by the name of Emily. The Bunny Slippers is a short but sweet story which tells the tale of young Lily, who receives a lovely, soft new pair of bunny slippers for Christmas. The novel is set in the year of 1945, and is a story of Lily’s bunny slippers saving the life of her loving father Henry, who is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. Personally I must say that I found this little tale, though quite moving, extremely delightful and wonderfully written; the words flowed gracefully and every paragraph a pleasing one indeed. I must say that Emily has quite some talent! You may, if you wish, peruse this fine story in the kingdom of Wattpad.

Simi Star rating: ***** (5 stars)

My Dodo Poem

Hello readers!

A few weeks ago I wrote a poem for a writing competition, and I came third out of 170 entries! We had to write a story or poem under 500 words about a dodo. So I thought I’d share my poem with you all today. Enjoy!

The wind whistles softly through the trees,

I hear the buzzing of the bees,

The birds are awake, I hear their song…

But they do not sing for very long.


The hunter is here! Quickly, escape!

We all now see his shifting shape.

Swoosh! One dodo drops to the floor,

I feel cold shivers right to my core.


I try to run, I try to hide,

An arrow suddenly strikes my side.

I lie upon the leafy ground

But then I hear another sound…


A cawing, sweet as honeycomb

Above my low and soft moan

A flash of light, snowy white

She caws again as she takes flight.


She swoops low towards the man

Who runs faster than most can.

She flies faster and pushes him down

A choked scream rings all around.


Then all was deadly silent…


Suddenly I hear a cry,

Drifting towards where I lie

An angel sweeps past my head

I think to myself, am I dead?


Darkness gathers, I’m still alone,

By now a storm has fully grown.

But wait! The white dodo is back!

She shines brightly against the black.


I wake up! The pain is gone.

Soft grass is what I lie on,

The angel is sitting calm and still

Even in the slight chill.


She hums a beautiful, loving tune

And shines as bright as the moon,

My wings seem to lift me high

I’m soaring up, into the sky!


She flies beside me, we fly as one

We fly together towards the sun

Our wings are all a burning haze.

We fly into the glowing rays.


And the dodo was no more…

And the winner is…

Hello everyone!

I’m finally going to announce the winner of my guest post contest!! But first, I’d like to thank all of my participants for writing wonderful reviews, and to everyone who read them! Can we please have a round of applause for Shelby, Alyssa, Trinity and Christine!! I’d also like to thank Maddy for being my ‘mystery judge’, you could say, for helping me choose the winner, who is……………… *drumroll* ……………………. ALYSSA!!!!!!! Congratulations Alyssa! It was difficult to decide, but your review was just above the others and Maddy and I loved reading it! Please could you email me your address ASAP so I can post the prize to you! Thanks again to everyone who participated and remember, this was just for fun, you all did really well seeing as half of you had never written a book review before and I would make you all winners for doing such an amazing job! Thanks!!

P.S. Sorry this is a short post! I will be posting a review next week.

Guest Post Contest ~ Christine

The Young Knight 1 – Engaging the Challenge ~ Lydia K. Ware

Hello readers!

Our final guest poster is the lovely Christine from Everything is Blogsome! Thank you very much Christine for doing an awesome review on The Young Knight 1 ~ Engaging the Challenge by Lydia K. Ware! Good luck Christine!

Hello all! I’m not much good at writing introductions, but I suppose I’d better give it a shot before jumping into telling you about one of my favorite books.

My name is Christine. I am a 15 year old sister to six. I have been homeschooled completely up till this point in my life, but I’m starting a private school two days a week in six days. I don’t have very many talents, but I do love babies and toddlers. I blog at Everything is Blogsome.

This is a book my friend, Lydia, wrote, illustrated, and self published by the age of 15. Since it’s not a book many have heard of, I thought you all might enjoy learning about it. Also, Lydia based some of one of her drawings off of my brother-in-law, Kevin. It was pretty funny when his daughter at the age of 3 figured out the book’s “bad guy” was her daddy!

Archer, a page boy in the Middle Ages, has spent his life since the age of six being pushed around and bullied. Without father or mother, he has no one to turn to… except for God, and his friend Rowan Ebba. One tournament changes his life for good. When the knight he serves under is accidentally killed, the champion comes and requests Archer as his pageboy, rather than leaving him to the mercy of the bully William. The knight, Sir Aldrich, then takes Archer home with him to a small village, where he treats him kindly and continues to train him. But there are so many pieces of the puzzle of Archer’s life left unsolved…

This book is amazingly written with a wonderful Christian message. I would recommend it for ages ten to thirteen. However, at the age of fifteen, I do not mind rereading it from time to time. The one thing I would point out is that Lydia did not have this book edited, and it does show from time to time in grammar and spelling. Altogether, she did amazingly for the young age she finished it.

Christine Star rating: **** (4 stars) for a captivating tale!

Thanks again Christine for writing this wonderful review! This book sounds really interesting! Please go and check out Christine’s blog (link above) and buy the book! Have a great weekend!

*update: there is a trailer for this book that you can watch here*

Guest Post Contest ~ Trinity

The Lunar Chronicles ~ Marissa Meyer

Hello everyone!

My penultimate guest poster in my competition is the lovely Trinity from Lord’s Girls! Thank you so very much Trinity for doing this awesome review of The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer! Enjoy everyone!

Hello everyone! My name is Trinity and I am from Lord’s Girls. If you wish to visit me and read my nonsense ramblings, then you can just type in lordsgirls.blogspot.com and it’ll take you there! The internet is wonderful, is it not? Yet however wonderful you think it may be, it is not as amazingly amazing as BOOKS!!! Have you heard of The Lunar Chronicles? The three books that are out so far are titled Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress, with the fourth book that is coming out this fall named Winter. Let me just tell you, I am SO EXCITED to get my hands on that beautiful book! Anyway, enough of that! I bet you are sitting there reading this and just dying to know why I love these books so much and why I chose them for this review. 🙂

These books are about classic fairy tales such as Cinderella (Cinder), Red Riding Hood (Scarlet), Rapunzel (Cress), and Snow White (Winter) all combined together into one series. It’s really hard to explain all of this in one paragraph, so I’m going to get some professional help from Wikipedia! (LOL) Here it is: “The Lunar Chronicles is a series of five young adult fantasy novels by American author Marissa Meyer. Each book entails a new take on an old fairy tale, including Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Snow White. The story takes place in a futuristic world where humans, cyborgs, and androids all coexist.”

I love this series so much because of how the characters react to certain situations, and how Marissa Meyer actually gave the characters personality! I’m sure that all of you are really skeptical (just like I was) about reading these books, because this doesn’t sound very interesting, but it really TRULY is amazing! When my friend recommended this book to me, I almost didn’t even read it. After all, it sounds really weird. :/ But you should really read it! Just give it a chance!

My favorite characters are Cinder, Kai, Cress, Carswell, and Jadin. You’ll meet all of them over the course of the three books. 😉 I also really like these books because they have romance in them, but not THAT kind. Not the kind that is in most YA books, because that is just nasty. Bleh! 😀 It’s just the average fairy tale stuff, really. 🙂

Below are some quotes that I love from these books! Sometimes, I just have to 😀 :

Trinity Star rating: ***** (5 stars)

Not surprising, is it? 😉

Thank you so much Simi for asking me to do this guest post! I really enjoyed doing it, and I hope that this review helps others about their new to be read list, because after all of these posts I’m sure that a lot of people will have one! Anywho, I am sad to be saying: Goodbye and thanks for reading! 🙂

Wow! Thank you so much Trinity for doing this wonderful review! I loved it! I’ve never reviewed a whole series in one post before! There’s an idea… 🙂 Please go and check out Trinity’s blog (link above) and buy the books! What do you think of them? Comment below! Have a great weekend everyone!

Guest Post Contest ~ Alyssa

The Giver ~ Lois Lowry

Hello readers!

This is the second week of my August guest post competition and Alyssa from Writinganyone is guest posting! Thanks so much for writing this fantastic review of The Giver by Lois Lowry, Alyssa! Enjoy!

Hi everyone! Let me introduce myself. I’m Amelia Jessica Pond from Leadworth, Doctor Who… joke :). Actually, I’m Alyssa from the US. I’m the 13 year old writer from Writinganyone and today I’m gonna review… *drumroll* … The Giver!

Jonas is an Eleven. His life is filled with Sameness. Everything is the same; no color, no weather, there’s not even feelings. Every December all the Elevens become Twelves. Along with that, they get their job assignment and are no longer considered children. When Jonas is told he’ll be the next Receiver and will be trained by the old Receiver, The Giver, he’s shown marvelous and awful things. He desperately wants to share it with everyone, but will he be able to?

I loved this book. From the moment I picked it up, ’til I last put it down, I couldn’t stop reading chapter after chapter. I loved every one of Lowry’s characters, each with their own personality. My favorites were the main characters: Gabe, the sweet, curious toddler; Jonas, the brave protagonist; and finally The Giver, a caring old man with a long, sad past.

My favorite part in the whole book was the final chapter, not because I wanted it to end, but because it was such an intriguing and masterfully written ending. I was sad and happy at the same time, which doesn’t usually happen to me during book endings. Lowry purposefully had the ending so you had to think and choose what you believe happened, which I loved.

It also was very interesting, and sad, how Lowry came up with the idea of a community so controlled that there was no color, no snow, not even love (but there was no sunburn which is a plus 🙂 ).

And with every book’s pros, there’s at least one con. This one was that in the beginning it took me a while to understand some stuff, including that everything was colorless. So it was a little low on explaining in that area, but other than that, that’s it.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend that as soon as you’re done reading this review, you read the book immediately, or put a request on it at the library. This is a book that can be read by all ages (it is a kid’s book), except little ones might not understand it. Read this, and I hope you enjoy it!

Alyssa Star rating: ***** (5 stars)

Thanks Simi for having me!

Thanks Alyssa! This was a very detailed and interesting review and I loved it! I definitely agree that some books can be complicating! Please go and check out Alyssa’s blog (link above) and buy the book! Maybe you could leave a comment below telling me your thoughts on it!