Time flies when you’re havin’ fun…

Jane Blonde, Spylets are Forever ~ Jill Marshall

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Is time up for blonde?

I have finally finished the last Jane Blonde book and I am finally going to review it. It’s been a while since I started the very first book, but I don’t regret it because these books are really fun to read! Now go and find a box of tissues and enjoy the post!!

Janey has spotted some strange figures in her garden and she is growing suspicious. One night, she chases after the figure, only to discover it is the young Solomon Brown. They travel back in time together to save the head of SPI who has got himself trapped in the past. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Young Sol traps Janey in the cellar of his house, where she stays for 3 hours before blowing a hole through the ground and traveling to a fashion show through a secret underground passage. She has to find Solomon before it’s too late and old Sol is stuck in the past forever, but young Sol is not who Janey thinks he is…

No, I didn’t cry in case you were wondering. No one dies either, although, as always, Janey is very close to death, and even non-existence! This was a great finish to a fun and enjoyable series, and I really recommend these books to children around my age and younger. I love how there’s always a twist and you are never left bored. There are great characters and a good story line and I’m sad to say goodbye. I really hope you’ve enjoyed my reviews on this series because it was really fun and these books are awesome!

Simi Star rating: ***** (5 stars)

Creeps in the classroom

Hello readers!

She’s on a mission to be…

The penultimate book in the Jane Blonde series (Jane Blonde – The Perfect Spylet) is a special World Book Day edition and is only 7 chapters long, meaning it doesn’t really follow the story of the other books. Enjoy! (buy the book here or at the Bookshop)

Janey and Alfie have just been hired to do some babysitting! They are forced to handle a dozen little 5-year-olds while the reception teacher is suffering from food poisoning, but many small accidents are happening to Janey as she looks after them. Then one day the spy team unexpectedly receive a message from the head of SPI, warning them about something. But what? Can Janey solve the puzzle before it’s too late?

Short but sweet, this book is full of the same Jane Blonde action that we know and love! Janey is quick to solve clues and puzzles as always, and she’s got what it takes to save the day! She also makes some new animal friends along the way! Ooh, that rhymes… Anyway, 7 books down, and one to go! Are you excited for the final battle between Jane Blonde and the evil Copernicus?

Simi Star rating: **** (4 stars)

Dancing Dinos

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First of all I’d like to make an announcement! From now on I will write on my blog every Friday, no other day, to keep my blog more organised. Anyway, let’s get back to the next book in the series: Jane Blonde – Spy in the Sky! (buy the book here or at the Bookshop)

She’s flying high!

Janey’s spy life is at a lull and she is very disappointed. The only interesting thing that has occurred so far in the holidays is her new younger brother, James, (ex-chimpanzee and former employee of enemy Copernicus) having a ceremony to enroll him as a Spylet. But one day Janey is attacked by flesh-eating birds outside of a department store and little James is kidnapped by a pterodactyl and shut in a cage at the top of a crane. Janey must now learn to skydive to save her brother, and find out the secret behind these strange flapping dinos and toothy terrors before her brother is lost forever….

Another fun and awesome novel that will interest boys and girls of all ages! I loved this book, especially… yep – you guessed it… the ending! It’s always the part you look forward to in these books because you know it will reveal all the answers to your questions! I like how there is always a good plot and it’s always something eccentric! Before you go, please go and check out this cool Jane Blonde website which has fun games too! And keep an eye out for the final Jane Blonde mission, which I will hopefully post after the penultimate book, a World Book Day one that is only 7 chapters long! Enjoy you weekend!

Simi Star rating: ***** (5 stars)

I scream, you scream, we all scream for sun cream!

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She’s out of this world!

Janey has now upgraded to a golden SPIsuit! How cool is that? Here’s the next book in the Jane Blonde series: Jane Blonde – Goldenspy! (buy the book here or at the Bookshop)

Suspicious sights have been spotted on the coast of Florida meaning only one thing: a new mission is underway! This time taking her mother with her (who presumes it’s a holiday), Janey, Alfie Halliday and his mother, Maisie Halliday, search baking hot Florida for their archenemy, only to find out that he is rapidly evolving hippos into whales and planning on creating his own human race on another planet by doing the same evolving process to turn apes into humans. Traveling to this new planet, Janey discovers evil Copernicus’ plans to shoot a Lay-Z Beam over the Earth to cast an eternal slumber over every single being on it. Can Janey stop Copernicus before it’s too late and she’s stuck on his new planet forever?

This book is probably the best so far because it all fits together so well in the end, just like all the others! They’re very well written. I also like how her adventures take her right across the world, even right across the universe! It makes you enjoy the adventures even more, especially because Disneyland is in Florida and they actually go there in this book! I also love how Janey is so brave and willing to do anything to save her friends, or sometimes her planet. Anything can go wrong but she’s ready to risk it using her big spy brain! She always seems to wriggle out of these situations…

Simi Star rating: ***** (5 stars)

P.S. This is my 40th post! Thank you all for reading my blog; I really appreciate you dropping comments and checking on how I’m doing! Thanks again!


Hello readers!

Janey has just been invited to attend a SPIcamp in the next book, Jane Blonde – Spylet on Ice! (buy the book here or at the Bookshop)

One morning Janey finds a strange package on her doormat from her Uncle Solomon inviting her to a SPIcamp where she can learn all the skills of SPI (Solomon’s Polificational Investigations) and become a proper spy! With her SPI:KE G-Mamma, spycat Trouble, fellow spylet Al Halo and his mother Maisie Halo, she travels to the SPIcamp. But Janey’s not as ‘sensational’ as she thought. It’s clear now that she’s not ready to brave the cold outside. She must overcome her weaknesses and be prepared, because for this mission, Jane Blonde is not just saving SPI, but the whole world as well….

Blonde better get her skates on…

This book was one of my favourites! From the baking hot sun in Australia to the freezing cold ice in Antarctica, Jane Blonde’s adventures never leave the reader uninterested. I like how she’s disappointed the whole of SPI and must fix her mistakes by doing something ‘sensational’, because she definitely does. I highly recommend these books if you love young spy fiction; they will definitely hook you and they sound so fun! Who wouldn’t want to have a secret spy identity and save the world on a daily basis?

Simi Star rating: ***** (5 stars)

Family and…. sheep

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It’s double trouble, and possibly the end of Janey’s spylife in the third book, Jane Blonde – Twice the Spylet….. (buy the book here or visit my new page, the Bookshop, where you can purchase all of the Jane Blonde books)

Jane Blonde has just met her identical twin, Chloe! Hidden away on some remote farms in New Zealand, then moving to a sheep farm in Australia, her sister grew up without a mother and being looked after by nannies. Now that the sisters have been reunited, Janey can see how much Chloe resembles Janey before her spy life: always slightly anxious and shy, and a general wimp. Janey travels to Australia to visit her twin, but there are many strange things going on around the sheep farm. The fields are all covered with slimy gloop, and a mysterious metal cone hangs from the centre of a Spylab disguised as a barn. Maybe this could be a chance to reunite the Brown family and live together happily, but the enemy has other plans…..*

Blonde is seeing double…

This was a very complicating book that had a strange, unclear plot line, and it was also kind of spooky. But the actual story line is very good and unexpected, until the end when you say to yourself Of course that’s what happens! How did I not think of it before?! As I said in a previous post, the twist endings are very interesting. After putting all her friends in mortal danger, Janey always seems to find something out and save the day. But you will have to find out what!

Simi Star rating: **** (4 stars)

*sorry for anyone who already knows this, but this asterisk (called a Summary Star) highlights the part in the book that I enjoyed!

Uh,oh… Trouble’s in trouble!

Blonde is back…

Hello readers!

The second Jane Blonde book in the series is Jane Blonde Spies Trouble…. (buy the book here)

Janey’s spycat Trouble keeps going missing, mysterious notes are being written on the windows at school, and Janey’s just found out that a gang of water rats are experimenting on Trouble to discover the secret of a cat’s nine lives! Disaster is striking and only Janey can find out who’s behind it all. Has it got anything to do with the new girl at school? Or the man who’s just become Janey’s mum’s new business partner? Or maybe it’s the creepy Sun King whose spylab is underneath a giant swimming pool? And why does it all link back to water? Janey has solved puzzles and problems before, but none as big as this. If she doesn’t solve this soon, it’ll be too late for Trouble…..

The second book of the series has really made me feel excited for the others! I’m reading the third already! This book was the one I’d read before, but my memory of books that I read a while ago is sadly not good… although I can always remember whether I enjoyed it or not and I definitely enjoyed reading this again! There are lots of surprises at the end, which makes the endings my favourite part of these books. Unfortunately I can’t spoil the endings for you, but I can say that they’re good! Please read this book series if you like young spy fiction!

Simi Star rating: ***** (5 stars)

P.S. If there are any books that you love and you think I’d like too, please do tell me or maybe send in your own thoughts on any books you’ve read or I’ve blogged on!