Lettuce Discuss returns!

Hey y’all. So you know how I said, roughly this time last year, that I would start doing discussion posts once a month? And you know how I didn’t? Well I thought it’s about time I started, seeing as I enjoyed writing my first quite a bit. And to make sure I actually keep on top of my discussions I decided to join this year’s discussion challenge (hosted by It Starts At Midnight and Feed Your Fiction Addiction) and actually commit to it this time! Doesn’t that sound like a lot of stress effort fun? 🙂 I’m hoping to write one a month, but let’s not get our hopes up too much before I’ve even started. Hopefully there’ll be one up next month, but for now here’s a little poem I wrote to make this post an acceptable length:

Once upon a time

A bookdragon loved to rhyme

And babbled so much

You could say it was a crime


So one day she said

“I’ll discuss calmly instead”

And joined a link up

So her babbles could be read

And… yep that’s all I got. But discussions to come! Wooooo. Who else has or is going to link up? What should I discuss?


5 underrated books that need some lovin’

Heyy bookish hoomans. How are you all? Reading many books? Befriending many dragons? Reading many books about friendly dragons? Sadly, I haven’t read a dragonish book in a long time and I feel a bit queasy being away from them, but I’m just about managing.

Anywho, as you probably know if you’ve been here for numerous decades, I tend to read quite underrated books. Hyped books… they freak me out a bit. But I am trying to get into some – currently I’m reading The Maze Runner series and am liking it so YAY.

But yeah we’ve established that I love me some underrated books. I like to give a fresh opinion that other people haven’t yet, so that if the book is good, it can become not-so-underrated. I’m just nice like that I know. And because I’m so nice, today I shall shareth with thou a smol list of underrated books that I love and therefore need more love. We just need to accept that sometimes my love just isn’t sufficient enough, ok? I’m only a lil blueberry in this big world.

(click the booky photos to go to their goodreads page)

1) Lascar ~ Shahida Rahman

 Lascar was written by my friend’s mum and she self-published it so it’s way too underrated and that makes me sad because it’s an excellent book. Something books don’t always do is take you on an adventure with them but this one took me on the wildest one, and I learnt so much about different cultures and about history and I loved it. It’s been awhile since I read it, but you know those books that you can’t remember well, but do remember that you really liked them? Well this is one of those books. GO READ NOW PEEPS.

2) Time Captives ~ Morgan Huneke

This trilogy is sooooo good! It’s a real struggle to find good Christian fantasy that’s not The Chronicles of Narnia, so finding this series made me as pleased as pie. The characters, the storyline, the writing… true, there were a lot of characters to fit into three short books, but I did like the main ones. The lengths of the books themselves were just right, the plot hardly ever slowing, but sometimes that meant lil aspects were rushed. If you’re into Christian fantasy though, this trilogy is definitely one to check out.

3) The Positively Last Performance ~ Geraldine McCaughrean

I AM ALL TEARS because this book is so good but no one has read it?? But the author is quite well-known? Her famous books don’t even have the best reviews, but books like this one, her lesser known works, do have high reviews, but so few of them like I just do not understand this? The writing is so enchanting and this book needs some appreciation please I beg. Just a cuddle will be enough; but you could read it too ya know, just as long as you’re giving it the love it deserves because it deserves a whole haunted theatre full of love, okay?

4) Mimi ~ John Newman

Aww this book ❤ my sister gave me a couple books to read a few years ago because she doesn’t like my taste in books (how dare she?) and I thought I wouldn’t like them but I gave this one a go because it’s short so it didn’t take long to read and actually loved it! No one really knows about it though because I think someone ate all the original copies? But my sister managed to rescue one and I’m glad she did because it so cyuteee and it’s about a family that’s falling apart and this lil girl Mimi who’s trying to stop it from falling apart. Honestly it’s the sweetest story that should be read by anyone who has a heart and wants it broken.

5) Nim at Sea ~ Wendy Orr

So y’all may or may not have read/seen/heard of Nim’s Island but what about its sequel, Nim at Sea? Also known as ‘Nim’s Island wasn’t even that great and this one is so much better but is somehow mysteriously hidden from the entire world’. This book was my childhood (well, part of it. I read other books too) and I’m still upset that it’s not as appreciated as Nim’s Island because it’s a way more developed story, especially for a children’s book. ‘Tis precious and needs a hooman to buy it cupcakes and read it (but not at the same time because that could get messy).

So there y’all have it! Some books to add to your ever-growing TBR and to please love and maybe adopt as your childlings. Seriously, why have these books just been ignored? Where is the justice in the world? Where is our humanity??

Have you read any of these? Please give them love because you have no reason not to because they are excellence.

8 of the best (and worst) parents in the bookish world

Heyy bookdragons!

So, if there’s one person (or two) who can really influence and shape a character in a book, it’s their parents. I owe a lot to my parents because they made me the sweet little pineapple I am today and I’m very grateful because everyone loves pineapple, buuut what about parents in books?? Don’t they deserve some appreciation? Well yes, Bobby, they do indeed and today I’m giving a slice of my appreciation to, not only the best parents in books, but also the worst because neither can just be ignored now can they? And ’tis the season of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day so I couldn’t resist having a parentish themed post.

I’m sort of linking up – but not really because the linkup was weeks ago but oh well I’m slow when it comes to everything linkups – with Top Ten Tuesday, but I’m squishing two posts, best/worst mums and best/worst dads, together to create a list of the best/worst parents, 4 of each, because WHO HAS TIME TO DO TWO SEPARATE LISTS OF 10 WHEN THERE ARE COOKIES TO BE BAKED AND BOOKS TO BE EATEN. Now, less chattering and more, um, blabbering.

Warning: this post may contain spoilers for the books that these parents appear in, so don’t cry if you haven’t read Harry Potter and I spill the first names of the Weasley’s parents because it’s your fault, Arthur. I did warn you.

Hans and Rosa Hubermann (The Book Thief) – not only were they willing to take in a starving, pretty much homeless little girl – who steals food and books and Rudy’s heart – when they were already practically starving themselves, but they also managed to do the best job at being the cutest lil parents. Hans was the sweetest jelly bean, teaching Liesel how to read, and just being an all-round son of a babe. And Rosa, darling Rosa, had buckets of sass and feisty-ness but deep down she had the biggest heart and together they’re everything you want in a family.

Uncle Monty (The Reptile Room) – well this ‘parent’ needs no hesitation before being put on this list because we all want an Uncle Monty in our lives. A cake-loving man with a house full of snakes?? Seriously, what more could you want? Uncle Monty is the reason snakes are my favourite animal: he appreciated and loved them even with their reputation… And he also appreciated and loved the Baudelaires who sure needed some of his cake and care. This man is just an angel.

Hades (Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus) – I know there’re many great parents in these series – Percy’s mum and stepdad, Frank’s badass grandma – but can we please talk about Nico’s dad because this man needs some appreciation. Every godly parent in these series sucks but Hades? Can we just take a second to remember the time he gave Nico A ZOMBIE CHAUFFEUR because that’s what the ‘mortal parents’ do like I ACTUALLY CAN’T. He’s the cutest cheesecake with the squishiest heart for his offspring and I want to give both him and Nico a cuddle.

Molly and Arthur Weasley (Harry Potter) – well no bookdragon can deny this one. The Weasleys were basically family to Harry, as well as 7 OTHER CHILDREN like how did they not go insane?? I don’t even know how they managed to care for one Weasley child, being a poor family too. To me they seem quite similar to the Hubermanns, with calm and cute Arthur, and feisty but loving Molly, and they basically took Harry in and treated him like their own. Argh, my heart hath been melted. Also, they raised Fred and George? Bless them.

Edeltraut von Tannenberg (Star of Kazan) – I read The Star of Kazan a longgg time ago, but I do remember how much I disliked this woman. What kind of person pretends to be a poor orphan girl’s mother, for the sole purpose of snatching her fortune she was left by her cute old lady friend who died? I know you want to be like Count Olaf but woman can you please have some respect? No one can compare to Count Olaf and, seriously her friend just died and you want all her money. She doesn’t even deserve to be on my blog, but The Star of Kazan is an excellent book so I’ll allow it.

Lady Abbington (A Dream Not Imagined) – so this lady is just crazy. In my last post I reviewed A Dream Not Imagined so for my full opinion you can read that post, but in short: this woman is a physco. She abducted an innocent child just because of a grudge. This is only very slightly illegal? I think this woman might need some help. Her husband was pretty horrible too, as well as her daughters, but none of them was as bad as this woman. Like fair, she let Ellie go to the ball but SHE ALSO ABDUCTED ELLIE AS A CHILD, soooooo. And at the end she didn’t even apologise to Ellie. Urgh I spit on you, Lady Abbington.

The Mallahans (All the Wrong Questions) – these two aren’t as horrible as the others on this list, but they’re not exactly winning Best Parents of the Year. Moxie’s dad is lazy and depressed, which I get, his wife left him, but he could at least try to care for Moxie. If there’s one thing I hate in books, it’s when single parents basically neglect their children because they’re depressed and don’t even think twice about how their kids are feeling about losing a parent (e.g. Mimi’s dad). And Moxie’s mum isn’t much better: she ditched Moxie and her dad to become a snazzy journalist in the city and yet Moxie is still a babe and a half.

I stopped looking at her typewriter and looked at her eyes. Their colour was pretty interesting, too – a dark grey, like they’d once been black but somebody had washed them or perhaps had made her cry for a long time.

“My mother got a letter from the city and left for a job with another newspaper.”

“When are you joining her?” I asked.

Moxie looked quietly out the window for a moment, giving me an idea about who had made her cry.

If that doesn’t break your heart I don’t know what will.

The King of Bamarre (The Two Princesses of Bamarre) – I can’t even put into words how much I dislike this guy. I mean yeah, it’s hard, your wife died so you’re stuck with two girls and a whole kingdom to care for, but I was kind of expecting you to actually try to do a good job of it instead of lazing around, not taking care of your daughters, or you know, that kingdom on your doorstep. When Meryl got sick he didn’t even care and when Addie went out to save her sister instead? Didn’t give two hoots. He’s just a wimp who doesn’t care about his family and argh I do not likey.

So there you have it folks, the best and worst parents, in my opinion, in the bookish world. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go bake some cookies and eat some books.

Who’re your favourite/least favourite bookish parents? Do you agree with mine? Lettuce discuss.

Is watching the film before reading the book punishable by death??

Heyy bookdragons.

YES, THE TRAIN HATH FINALLY ARRIVED AND MY ‘LETTUCE DISCUSS’ POSTS ARE HERE!! Let’s all have a doughnut to celebrate! Today we shall be discussing whether watching the film before reading the book can be acceptable, in my opinion.

(By the way, if you hadn’t noticed yet, I love food, hence my blog name Booked to Perfection (like cooked to perfection heheh I am pun king) and of course the name of my new discussion posts, Lettuce Discuss because I LIKE LETTUCE OK?? Plants and I have a very close relationship.)

Now lettuce start this post before it flees the country or eats all of the lettuce in my fridge.

So, my question: is watching the film before reading the book punishable by death?

Most bookish humans would say “yes, you traitor” and throw me off a mountain. Buuuuut, is it really betrayal? Does it actually matter which you do first? Why do most people think that it does matter??

I want to start off by saying that, personally, I’m not against watching the film first because, well, I do a lot.


Here are just a few of the books that I read after watching the films:

I don’t think I disliked a single book on this list, so… does watching the film first really make any difference to the way you see the book? Here are a list of reasons why I think watching the film first can be acceptable.

films are a lot easier to advertise than books

For me this means that I’m more likely to discover the film before the book because films are allll over the place: on transport, on TV, on social media, in magazines… but books are advertised less in public and more in the sphere of book lovers, so won’t necessarily be seen around and about as much as films.

Obviously discovering the film first doesn’t happen with every single book I read, but it does happen a lot. Sometimes watching the film first can be purely accidental if you found it before you found the book; for me this is especially true when I watched films as a child and didn’t even know how to read yet, so I didn’t have much choice, I just stared for hours on end at the meaningless words. I wasted so many of my smol years desperately wanting to know what those weird jumbled up letters really meant… *sniffs*

going into books blind is difficult for me


If I know what roughly happens in the book because I’ve seen the film, then I can read it with no surprises because I am NOT a fan of surprises, people. I DO NOT LIKE. If there are any surprises, I’d have already experienced them watching the film in which they wouldn’t have hit me as hard, because we all know books are better when it comes to surprises.

And yes, some of you will probably think that films just spoil the surprises, maybe by changing a few lil details, or by ruining the entire plot of the book altogether.

But, as I said before, I don’t mind spoilers (well… to an extent) because in a film they’re not explained in much detail so I might not even fully understand the ‘surprise’ until I read the book and I’m not completely smacked in the face with shock. Watching the film first also means that, when I do read the book, I don’t have to skip ahead or look up any spoilers online because yes, I’M THAT PERSON. I have skipping ahead syndrome. Cry for me.

watching a bad film is better than reading a bad book

Films aren’t as precious to me as books are because I am a smol pineapple who loves to read books. I still love films, especially the Disney kind, but books are more important to me, which is why I don’t like reading books that I don’t like; and reviewing bad books is DIFFICULT, peeps. Basically when I watch a bad film, it isn’t a big deal for me. But I hate hate hate reading bad books!! From the film I can get a good inclination of whether the book will be good or not and whether I should read it.

Of course, as most bookworms know, this isn’t always true because films can just be horrible and not give books any justice (*cough* Percy Jackson), but what we have to remember is that the film and the book shouldn’t be identical in every single way, because they’re separate pieces of art and should be treated that way. Books and films are completely different things, so why compare them so much?? Doing something different and exciting, as well as roughly keeping to the plot and the characters is what I like to see in a film. I think the reason so many bookworms don’t like film adaptations is because of their expectations from the book, but if you watch the film first, you can enjoy it without high standards you’d have reading the book first.

That, my cheese pasties, is why I think watching the film first can be acceptable. I’m not saying I always watch the film first, because most of the books I read are more underrated so don’t have films adaptations. But I do enjoy watching films, and believe that they’re a great way to advertise books, so if there’s a film of the book, I’m more likely to read it.

Of course, I completely understand why a lot of people disagree with watching the film first, mainly for the bad acting, especially with kids in YA adapted films, who can completely ruin a book whether you watch the film first or not. I know that some plot changes and cut scenes can also give you a negative opinion of books.

But, let’s be real here, books will always always hold a special place in my heart, as well as every other bookworm’s, due to their beauty and detail and lovable characters and twisting plots and the chance they give to let one’s imagination run wild and explore new worlds… I guess films can’t really give to you what books can because you can’t imagine for yourself, but neither can you argue that films don’t have their own beauty. This post is getting really flimsy, I’m sorry.

Thank you all for reading! I really hope you like this post, and if not, please feel free to give me some tips in the comments, as well as chat with me about all things books and films. Do you agree with me? What are your favourite film adaptations? Lettuce discuss.

5 popular YA series that I’ve never read because I’m a traitor to all bookworms

Heyy bookish people. I know, I know, this isn’t a discussion post, WHERE ARE THEY SIMI, SHEESH? Well, I’m glad you asked because they… are on their way! As I said, their train is a bit hung up at the moment. BUT THEY WILL COME. However for now, I’m listing 5 popular YA series I’ve never read because, yes, I’m a disgrace to the bookworm society, and I just want to shout that out to the whole world. Be grateful peeps, because these are some pretty big confessions I’m making and it’s not gonna be easy for me so have some respect.

And yeah, maybe I am a traitor to bookworms but, in my defense, I’m more into underrated books for a handful of reasons:

  • they’re cheaper – like all bookworms, I always think about price first because why spend £10 on a hyped book in Waterstones when you can get a possibly-slightly-less-hyped book for 50p in a charity shop? it’s called thinking practically.
  • hyped up books always have a lot of very mixed reviews – it’s inevitable that when so many people have read the same book, they’re all going to have different opinions of it; some might spit on it, while others might praise it to the stars. what’s wrong with having opinions, Simi? you may ask. well, when 5 of my blogging friends have reviewed it, all with completely contrasting reviews, who am I going to listen to, huh? that’s like choosing between my children and no one would do that, sheesh
  • underrated books most likely don’t have a film adaptation – watching films first and then reading the book (which, I confess, I do way too much) kind of ruins the way I picture everything in the book. even if I have read the book first, what if I decide to reread it? this happened with A Series of Unfortunate Events: when I reread the books, I was so angry because I couldn’t get the image of the film characters and scenes out of my head, and that bugs me a lot. if there’s no film, there’s so much space for my imagination, and the story feels like it wholly belongs to me, and I love that feeling.

Anyway, here’s my list of popular YA series that I’ve never read. Please don’t hurt me because I WILL READ THESE. At some point.

The Hunger Games cover.jpg1) The Hunger Games – I’ve seen the first film? I didn’t enjoy it massively? The only reason I watched it was because of the actor who plays Peeta, and I did like the characters, juuuust not the whole concept of kids being sent to die and all that. I’ve read about worse stuff that happens to adults, but kids? It just hits you harder I guess. They’re (mostly) so squishy and innocent. Imagine being that kind of squishy lil childling then BAM you’re chosen to participate in a ‘game’ where your only goal is to kill basically everyone you see and stop everyone else killing you – ‘everyone else’ being OTHER SQUISHY CHILDREN – and if you don’t die brutally, you have to live with the fact that you killed other squishy children for the rest of your life. Like, dude. Dude. But, knowing me, it’ll probably end up in my hands one of these days.

Cinder (Official Book Cover) by Marissa Meyer.png

2) The Lunar Chronicles – I have a friend who used to be obsessed with this series, and I’ve honestly always wanted to read it but never found the time. Hopefully I will soon though because these books sound amazing and I love fairytale retellings so I can’t wait. I don’t think I’ve read a sci-fi dystopian thingy before though, but that makes me even more excited. Look at me trying new genres and making history. (Also, Trinity reviewed this series a few centuries ago on my blog [which you can check out here] and she loved it so I should probably read it)

Divergent series set.jpg

3) Divergent – unlike The Hunger Games, I’ve seen all of the Divergent films and honestly, they weren’t too bad. I think the first film was the best one, but I’ve never even touched the books. I have another friend who’s obsessed with these, soooooooo I might borrow them from her, although I already know the ending because my Lunar-Chronicles-obsessed friend spoiled it for me. Ok, ok, maybe I told her that I was never gonna read the series and that I didn’t mind if she told me… honestly though, I hate going into books blind and I tend to explode if I don’t know what happens next. Normal people just read the book to find out the end, but I can’t do that ok?? With some books yes, but there are a few too many books that even before I read them, I knew their endings. So yes, maybe it’s a good thing my friend told me the ending, or… maybe I just need to sort out my reading habits.

The Maze Runner cover.png

4) The Maze Runner – maybe this shouldn’t be on my list because I already have it on my bookshelf all shiny and new and colourful… and unread, so maybe it should be on my list as a reminder of the disgrace I am to bookworms. I haven’t even seen the films, probably because I’m pretty intent on watching them after reading the books, which I will read VERY VERY soon because I need to get into another series but I’m struggling because of the remnants of Heroes of Olympus still giving me a bit of a book hangover. After 4 months, I am still being crushed by those feels… it’s painful.

Miboxed set.jpg

5) The Mortal Instruments – I definitely don’t want to read this just because Lily Collins is in the film… although to be honest, that is literally all I know about this series, so I obviously must know more by reading it! Which I hopefully will do soon because – you guessed it – my Divergent-obsessed friend is also obsessed with this series and – you guessed it again – I can borrow the series from her. Also, Cassandra Clare and Rick Riordan are apparently really good friends and I love Riordan, so hopefully I’ll love Clare too 🙂

So there you have it: 5 popular YA series that I’ve never read. But will read! At some point. Have you read these series?? Do you recommend? Or are you a traitor like me and have never read them? Lettuce discuss.

5 of my favourite childhood books

Hey people of the Shire.

Look at me, posting on time! *rapturous applause* What was that you said? Where have my reviews gone? I don’t really know either. I think they just felt like taking a break and going on a 2 month holiday to Thailand. But they’ll be back for Christmas, never fear! For now, I am going to share some of my most beloved books from my childhood years. Ah, those were the days. The dinosaurs were so friendly – speaking of dinosaurs, I haven’t seen any in while…

1) Rainbow Magic – these books were the very first chapter books I ever read, so they’re pretty special. I was (and still am) obsessed with fairies, so I was instantly hooked to these books. I was never stuck with nothing to read because THEY JUST KEPT COMING OUT. There must be around 300 different rainbow magic books in the world, all of them with EXACTLY THE SAME PLOT just a different fairy. But it seems like I didn’t mind too much, because I owned around 100. I’ve given all of them away of course, except around two which I kept for old time’s sake. Trust me, when I was little, these books were the HYPE.

2) Tumtum and Nutmeg – this series isn’t as popular, but it’s definitely one close to my heart. Every night, my mum and I would read them together, and I adored them. They told the story of two little mice, who live in the house of two children, who only have an eccentric scientist father to care for them, so the mice take it upon themselves to look after the children and it’s the sweetest little story. What’s not to like about two little mice who live in a tiny little mansion behind a broom cupboard and write letters to the children upstairs?

3) Terry Deary’s Egyptian Tales – I don’t really remember much about these books, except that they were amazing. We were learning about Egyptians at school and I think I got these books as a gift and I LOVED THEM. The stories were actually pretty gripping for kid’s books, and of course the illustrations were amazing. May I also add that Terry Deary has a really nice voice? Am I right? Anyone…?

4) Meerkat Madness – this is also another series that I read every night, except this one I read with my dad. I remember it being about three little talking meerkat siblings who go on little adventures and find hunter camps and try not to get eaten by eagles and the such, and it was pretty funny (at least for a kid my age).

5) Little Foxes (update: I reread this and reviewed it) – for Christmas one year, my mum bought me around 50 Michael Morpurgo books but, for some reason, I never really got into his books. I’ve literally only read about 5 of them, and got them around 5 years ago… But the ones I have read, I’ve loved. This was probably my favourite because it was such a sweet little story about a boy who feels a little isolated from everyone else but loves animals (from a Morpurgo book? I am shocked to my socks) and ends up running away from home with a little fox and the story is SO CUTE and sad and ah. I should reread this some time. And read all of the other Morpurgo books I have, SHEESH SIMI.

Hope you enjoyed this little post! What are some of your favourite childhood books? Do you share any of mine? Lettuce discuss.

National Author’s Day

Hello readers and writers and other human beings of this world.

So, as you may or may not know, this Tuesday is National Author’s Day! Exciting times. Therefore I thought it would be a nice idea to formally rant about why my favourite authors are so amazing. I know you’re excited. Stop throwing confetti around! Throw authors around instead.

Now, because I am an honourable fan of lists, this is how I shall present my formal rants. Here is a list of my top 3 favourite authors! I know that seems a little amount, but I am a busy child (aka my TBR awaits).

Please note that these authors are in no particular order, accept the order in which they came to the top of my head. I love all of my authors equally, how dare you say otherwise.

1) Lemony Snicket – writer of A Series of Unfortunate Events

Shocking, I know. I literally never talk about him… Ever… Oh be quiet, IL EST AMAZING. Ignore what I said about loving authors equally, we all know he’s my favourite. Snicket rules supreme. Admit to his fabulousness or suffer certain death.

My favourite thing about Lemony Snicket is that his writing is so clever and sneaky and everything is mysteriously connected in some way yet you still have questions that will never be answered because Snicket is a cruel writer. He publishes a new book and you’re praying that it will reveal the answers to all your life questions but NO. Snicket just don’t work like that, innocent little bookworm. YOUR QUESTIONS WILL NEVER BE ANSWERED AND YOU WILL LIVE A LIFE OF MISERY. I have already spent many of my years searching for the Quagmires, looking through files such as The Unauthorized Autobiography and The Beatrice Letters, but I am yet to find my poor little darlings. No, I am not crying right now. I will stay strong… *bursts into uncontrollable sobbing*

Unfortunately, (aha, see what I did there) I don’t think there’s actually a name for the Snicket fandom, and so, as a loyal fan, I feel I am obliged to name it… the Lemons. Pure genius, I know. My purpose in this world has been fulfilled.

2) Lauren Child – writer of Ruby Redfort

I feel like Lauren Child is way too underrated. Yes, yes, I know Charlie and Lola is a TV show and all that, but what about her actual novels? The epic Clarice Bean? The amazing Ruby Redfort? GO READ PEOPLES. Just kidding, finish this post first. I haven’t actually read a Lauren Child book in about 2 years, but never fear, I shall be finishing the Ruby Redfort series hopefully very soon, as I shall be forcing my mother to buy the last two books. I’m a nice daughter, I know. “But mum, it’s educational…” And yes, THREE NEW BOOKS have been released since I read the third one. Time flies, am I right? So yes, I hope to be gobbling those up ASAP.

As I was saying, Ruby Redfort has so little appreciaption I’m crying right now. Oh, so many tears in this post. Come on guys, one of the books literally has a BUBBLEGUM SCENTED FRONT COVER. Yes, it is also the only one of the books I have on my kindle. I am very upset. Moving on from the scented covers, these books have everything. Awesome characters, super awesome spy stuff, loads of action and nail-biting scenes… in short, I am in love. When I’m older, I’m so going to be a secret agent. I mean as well as a writer and ninja and pirate. Ambitious, I know. Just you wait…

3) Rick Riordan – writer of Percy Jackson and the Olympians

I know, I know, this is also a huge surprise to you all. I mean, it’s not like I’ve been blabbering on about him endlessly in my most recent posts. It’s actually starting to annoy me, and I’m sure you will agree, how flawless this man’s writing is. Flawless, I say.

There are many things that make Uncle Rick fabulous. One of the most fabulous things is the awesome characters he creates who are basically my best friends, no lie. If I ever feel lonely I will literally talk to them in my mind. Yes, I am that sad. Yes, when I opened my very first book, I did lose my sanity. Please help.

But probably the most fabulous thing, if I even dare to pick one, is how this fabulous man can stuff SO MUCH CONTENT into one book that it makes my head explode with excitement and my fingers sore from turning the pages too quickly. I, very sadly, suffer from skipping-through syndrome, but I only tend to see symptons in extra-fabulous books such as those of Uncle Rick. The last time I suffered greatly from this illness was, in fact, in the works of the great Snicket (see above) which just proves that these authors are off-the-scale fabulous, darn it.

Other favourites:

  • J.K. Rowling
  • John Grisham
  • Wendy Orr
  • C.S. Lewis
  • Cressida Cowell
  • Markus Zusak
  • Geraldine McCaughrean

Thanks for reading everyone! Hope you enjoyed this little different post. Who’s your favourite author? Do you share any of mine? If so, fangirl with me. If not, how dare you come here. Go sit in a corner and rethink your life.

Also, a big thank you to Alyssa for getting me obsessed with horizontal lines. Thanks a lot Alyssa.