The Grand Finale (sort of)

The Last Olympian ~ Rick Riordan

Well hello there, people of Middle Earth.

Yes, I’ve reached the end of Percy Jackson and the Olympians and yes, there were tears. Like seriously I was sobbing. I don’t think I’ve sobbed that much since Bridge to Terabithia, and that’s definitely saying something. Here is the final tale, the final battle: Olympians vs. Titans…

Everything has been leading up to this moment. All year, the demigods of Camp Half-Blood have been preparing. Now, it’s time. While the gods are stopping the angry and disastrous Typhon, Percy must lead a group of demigods against Kronos, king of the Titans, to defend the unguarded Olympus. But first Percy must make a dangerous choice that will decide the outcome of the war. As the battle commences, Percy finds that they are hopelessly outnumbered, and he sees many of his friends die around him. Kronos and Typhon are getting closer and closer to Olympus, and Percy’s army weaker and weaker. Can they keep up their defense and repeat the events of the last Titan war, or will they fail and die at the hands of the Titans?

This series is just timeless. I love it to the depths of Tartarus. IT’S JUST (almost) FLAWLESS. IN (almost) EVERY WAY. I say almost because, if I’m being honest here, this book was kind of boring in places. It felt like just Percy having a dream, followed by a battle, followed by a dream, and so on. In other words, I didn’t find it great as a book and didn’t really like the layout of the plot. Nevertheless, I did enjoy the actual plot, with all the fighting and stuff; and that ending. OH MY GOSH. It’s not actually some massive spoiler, it’s more like a few little spoilers all squished together into one beautiful end of a series, which I think Rick did well. Overall, as you can see, I have very mixed feelings about this book, but mostly positive, don’t worry. Everything is amazing with a sprinkle of Annabeth in there somewhere (yes, she’s still my favourite character 😉 ), so I can’t say this book is all bad.

Oh, and before I forget, I have an announcement: never fear, young demigods, because Percy Jackson’s world shall return in the Heroes of Olympus series, which I’ll be reviewing soon! Ah, so excited.

Satyr Star rating: **** (4 stars)

The Maze Runner

The Battle of the Labyrinth ~ Rick Riordan

Hey bookworms!

Haha, you all thought this post would be about The Maze Runner but NO. It’s still Percy Jackson, guys. But I’m hoping to read The Maze Runner soon. Anywho, onto the penultimate book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series: the Battle of the Labyrinth: the most dangerous quest Percy and his friends have faced yet…

Percy’s summer, unsurprisingly, kicks off with an attack when he runs into some fiery-haired cheerleader demons at his high school orientation. Soon, a quest is needed to find and stop Kronos from invading Camp Half-Blood, but this time it is Annabeth who shall lead. She, Percy, Grover and Tyson set off into the Labyrinth, a huge maze that runs under the entire country. But what the Labyrinth has in store is much worse than they imagined and Annabeth’s years of studying the maze’s architecture isn’t even coming close to helping. Around each corner is a new and dangerous threat, and they’re running out of time. But the key to completing their quest and finding what they need is still unknown, and more and more dangers are causing the group to get sidetracked or split up. Will the heroes manage to stay alive in the maze and save camp, or will Kronos get there first?

PERCABETH. Sorry, just THE CUTEST COUPLE OF ALL TIME. Ahem, anyway, this book was really exciting because it’s coming up to the end of the series, which means more action and battles and exciting things! *squeals* My favourite part was probably on Mt. St. Helens (read to find out why…) or when Percy clears up, what was it? 400 billion shovels of horse poop? I say he’s a true hero. As ever, the story flowed brilliantly and it was certainly a page-turner. This book was amazing, but was probably my least favourite of the series. I know, I know, I rave and then bam I say it’s the worst of the books, but that only means I didn’t adore it as much as I adored the others, but I still adore it. Make sense? Well sometimes love can be confusing and I’m in love with Percy Jackson so don’t say I make no sense because love doesn’t make sense sometimes, ok? Ok. Wow, Fault in Our Stars moment there… THAT’S THE KIND OF LOVE I HAVE FOR THIS SERIES.

Satyr Star rating: **** (4 stars)

Missing maidens

The Titan’s Curse ~ Rick Riordan

Hey y’all!

So, the third book in Percy Jackson and the Olympians is The Titan’s Curse, the story of a bunch of kids wandering the States, running from invincible zombies and trying to find their two friends, who have been captured by the baddies.

Percy, along with Grover and his new friends Thalia, daughter of Zeus; Zoë Nightshade, hunter of Artemis and Bianca Di Angelo, new found half blood with unknown parentage, must join forces to seek out a missing goddess and the deadly monster she was last known to be searching for. On their travels they also hope to rescue Annabeth, who vanished when she tumbled off a cliff with a manticore. The problem is, they have no idea where to look; alas, with the help of Apollo, they temporarily escape Kronos’ invincible zombies and begin to travel in the right direction. But they still have a long way to go, time is ticking and the prophecy of the Oracle seems to loom over them as it is destined that only three of the five heroes shall return. Who shall fall and who shall take up the Titan’s Curse? Can they save their friends and stop Kronos from rising before it’s too late?

I seriously think this might be my favourite book of the series. Despite the fact that Annabeth isn’t in most of it (*bursts into tears*), I adored the rest of the characters. Zoë and Thalia were actually very similar even though they didn’t get along until the end: they were both absolute babes, complete badasses and two of my favourite characters ever. Bianca was so loyal to her friends which made me respect her. She was also the youngest of the group, but no less courageous. The plot was so intriguing – as ever – and I enjoyed every chapter. Rick’s writing is just perfect in every way, am I right? I’ve heard people say they could understand any textbook if it was narrated by Percy, which I absolutely and wholly agree with. Fabulous characters, fabulous plot, fabulous author, fabulous book. That’s all I have to say.

Satyr Star rating: ***** (5 stars)

Golden fleeces and goat brides

The Sea of MonstersRick Riordan

Hey everyone!

Continuing with the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, the next book I’ve been reading is the Sea of Monsters, a tale of two lost things: a Golden Fleece and a goat bride…

Percy is spun into another adventure when he returns to camp and discovers that Thalia’s tree – a pine tree that protects the borders of Camp Half-Blood – has been poisoned and monsters are attacking left, right and centre. He then finds out he has a Cyclops for a half brother and is forced to take him and Annabeth on a dangerous quest to find the Golden Fleece – the one thing that can save Thalia’s tree from dying. As well as that, Percy must rescue his satyr friend Grover from the cave of Polyphemus, the Cyclops who was originally blinded by the hero Odysseus. To reach the cave, Percy, Annabeth and Tyson must travel through the dangerously deadly Sea of Monsters, but time is running out before Grover will be forced to marry the Cyclops; can Percy save Grover and retrieve the Golden Fleece before it’s too late?

Like the previous book, I could hardly put this down. Although it’s a great book, I don’t think I liked it as much as the first, don’t ask me why. But that didn’t stop me from loving it because THIS SERIES IS JUST AMAZING IN EVERY WAY. Ahem. Anyway, in the film of the Sea of Monsters I didn’t really like Tyson, but I actually love him in the books because he’s really friendly and he really cares about his friends, but then he can defeat giants and hydras and bronze bulls because he’s a beast. So, he was probably my favourite new character, because Annabeth is still my overall favourite. I love how every chapter is a little adventure in itself, full of action and surprises, which is how I think Rick captures the attention of his audience; it’s what makes this book – and the rest of course – so amazing. I really like this series, don’t I? If you have any common sense at all, then you will go read this book right now and you will love it, trust me. Can’t wait to read the rest!

Satyr Star rating: **** (4 stars)

Frightenin’ Lightnin’

imageThe Lightning Thief ~ Rick Riordan

Hey everyone!

GUESS WHAT?! I picked up Harry Potter and the Cursed Child from the bookshop so be sure to look out for my review! I’m so excited to read it. Also just a reminder that my Blogiversary competition deadline is in three days so get writing! Anyway, I’m currently reading the epic series of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and here’s the first book The Lightning Thief.

Percy’s life is flipped upside down when he discovers he is the son of the sea god, Poseidon. He is separated from his mother, accused of a theft he did not commit and thrown into a dangerous mission in which he must retrieve the stolen item: his uncle Zeus’ master lightning bolt. With Grover, his satyr friend and Annabeth, daughter of Athena, he embarks on his quest to stop the beginning of World War III. But he faces many challenges ahead, as he must uncover the true thief, travel to the Underworld to take back the bolt and rescue his mother from the Lord of the Dead, Hades, all by the summer solstice; but time is running out. Can Percy save the world before it’s too late?

Hands down, this is one of my favourite book series of all time. It’s so captivating and masterfully told – I couldn’t put it down – and I enjoyed every second. The writing is bursting with detail and yet there’s still plenty of action and thrill. Each character was wonderfully illustrated and, thinking about it, I don’t think there’s one character that I hated. Thankfully Percy isn’t a super annoying main character, and Annabeth and Grover are just awesome. There aren’t that many important characters so I have to say my favourite is probably Annabeth because she’s smart (what would you expect from a daughter of Athena?) but badass at the same time. Loved it!

Satyr Star rating: ***** (5 stars)