Smells of… Wolf

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The final book in the series is Catch Your Death. Ruby must take the survival test at Spectrum but if she fails it’s all over for her one dream to be an agent…… (buy the book here)

'Sniff the Bubblegum Whiff!!!!!'
‘Sniff the Bubblegum Whiff!!!!!’

Ruby comes back from the survival test alive, but 13 hours late and with the flu. Sadly she fails, but LB is prepared to give her a second chance and Ruby knows she can do it this time. But when her friend Clancy has caught up with Lorelei von Leyden in disguise and has been captured, she believes the test can wait. After she rescues him from Lorelei’s clutches, they escape to a barn just next to the building he was trapped in. And that is when they discover the very last Cyan wolf in the very same barn. Whilst Clancy runs for it through a trap door, Ruby releases the wolf and together they run away* from the chaos. The wolf goes back into the woods, back home, and Ruby catches up with Clancy. But that is when they realize that the forest is on fire. They manage to get down a mountain to a very kind looking lady but really she wants to shoot Ruby. Before she can, Ruby slips off the cliff and lands on a ledge, right above the fire. The woman lights a fire at the top of the cliff and Ruby is stranded. She promises Clancy that she has a plan when really she doesn’t. So Ruby is stuck on a ledge, alone, surrounded by fire. Will she make it, or will it be the end of Ruby Redfort forever?

I loved this last book!!! It was the first time I have cried in a book but I won’t tell you why I cried or else it would give the ending away. I love how Ruby and Clancy are the best of friends, and even in really crazy situations, they always get out of it as a team working together. Best book so far. Like ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’, as the books in the series go on, they get better and better…

Simi Star rating: ***** (5 stars)

Underwater encounter

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The next book in the Ruby Redfort series is called Take Your Last Breath, mostly set in the deep blue ocean off the coast of Twinford (Ruby’s home town). Will she survive or will she ‘take her last breath’? (buy the book here)

Ruby Redfort2A radio station called ‘Chime Melody’ is producing strange sounds which Ruby believes to be some sort of code. She discovers that her great-great-great grandmother, Martha Fairbank, knew the whereabouts of the Fairbank rubies. Martha was known to be the only one who survived the attack of the pirates on her mother’s boat, the Seahorse, and to have known where the rubies were stored, but no one believed her. An asteroid passes Twinford every 200 years making the strong currents in the ocean calm and this is how Ruby gets into the underwater caves to search for the rubies.* But the sneaky Count Von Viscount is there to make sure she doesn’t get her hands on it first…

I very much enjoyed this book, more than the first one really. It’s very exciting but can get a little scary! With that creepy octopus like sea creature you might be afraid, but not Ruby. It got tense when she was being yanked down a whirl pool by a strangling sea monster…

Simi Star rating: ***** (5 stars)

No ordinary kid….

Hello readers!

The next series I’m writing about is called the Ruby Redfort books by Lauren Child, author of Charlie and Lola and Clarice Bean. The first book in the series is Look into my Eyes about a young girl named Ruby Redfort (no ordinary kid) who is a talented code breaker and now, a secret agent… (buy the book here)

When a strange new butlRuby Redfort1er appears at the Redfort’s doorstep,* named Hitch, Ruby is suspicious. A man with a fancy grey car who is just willing to help around the house is not any ordinary butler. But when Ruby discovers he’s a secret agent who works at an organisation called Spectrum, everything fits into place. Top boss of Spectrum, LB, has been watching Ruby and believes she can pull off being an agent. Hitch acts as Ruby’s ‘babysitter’ whilst she’s on the job, but he also does other various butler activities and tasks. Ruby is told not to blab to anyone about Spectrum but she couldn’t hold it in for one person… her best friend Clancy Crew. Ruby is set to work on a project of reading files about a secret case, you’ll have to read the book to find out what it is…

Lauren Child’s previous series was Clarice Bean in which Lauren introduces the famous spy, Ruby Redfort as Clarice’s idol in some way and I felt that the Ruby Redfort books would be a very interesting, and they are. I enjoy those spy/mystery solving books a lot so these ones are right up my street, do you think they’re right up yours?

Simi Star rating: **** (4 stars)