Et tu, Brute?

What are you all reading? This page is just a lil place where you can share books you’re currently reading, books you recommend for me to read and blog on or just to say hi because I talk too much about myself on this blog and I want to know more about you guys! Lettuce discuss all the things.


32 thoughts on “Et tu, Brute?

  1. I’m currently reading Harry Potter: The Chamber of Secrets. But I’ll probably be done with that by tomorrow. 😀 I’ve got a whole stack of books checked out from the library that I need to read, but usually I go through one book every two days, depending on how much I am busy those days. Did you do Summer Reading this year? I did, and I got a little bit over 10,000 minutes read for the summer! XD I was so pumped! LOL! I used the calculator and 10K minutes is equivalent to 166 hours! I couldn’t believe it!

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    • Harry Potter is always good to read 🙂 Have you read the Harry Potter books before? It’s great that you got lots of books so you’re never stuck with nothing to read! No, I didn’t do Summer Reading this year. Wow, 10,000 minutes???!!!!!! 166 hours????!!!!! That’s amazing, congrats!!! Hope you enjoy your books!!


  2. Hi, Simi! I absolutely LOVE reading. I write my own stories and I am going to be writer when I grow up. My favourite thing to read is victorian literature (I am currently reading Tess of the D’urbervilles) and my best book ever is Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte. My other favourite things are Penelope Lively books (she writes a lot about time-travel), Rosemary Sutcliffe, and greek mythology. I also like The Borrowers, Charlotte Sometimes, A Little Princesss, the Secret Garden, and the longest ect ever.

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  3. I liked it. It’s part of a series by Susan Cooper, and it’s about some children who live in modern times but they find a ancient treasure map leading them to the holy grail or something like that – and its set by the sea – but I can’t really remember because I read it years ago.

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  4. I’m not much of a reader, but right now I’m reading the Love Inspired Suspense books and I’m loving them! They don’t have much romance in them which I like, but they’re also full of excitement and other interesting stuff that I find fun to read. 😉

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  5. Though not all of these books are my favorites, you may like them:
    – Lord of the Rings (series)
    -The Hobbit
    -Harry Potter (series)
    -The Hunger Games (series)
    -A Christmas Carol
    -Lauren Ipsum
    -Carry On, Mr. Bowditch
    -I Survived (series)
    -Patty Reed’s Doll
    -The Shwa Was Here
    -Cracker! The Best Dog in Vietnam
    -Chinese Cinderella (you can find a book review on this on my blog: )
    -The Chronicles of Narnia (series)
    -The Man Who Knew Infinity (about the Indian mathematician Ramanujan)
    -The Giver
    -The Silent Boy
    -Gathering Blue
    This is all I can remember 🙂 Sorry, I know this is super long haha…

    Please check out my blog and drop a comment, and IF YOU’D LIKE, follow 🙂


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  6. Hi, I just read looking for alaska by John green and it was great, some mature themes tho so I suggest you look into it a little bit before reading. Sorry one thing I noticed about the Myers-Briggs test (yanno ENFJ, INFP etc.) has been disproven so you may not want to think of that that as large part of your Identity. lot of people include it in their profile and thats fine its taking it too seriously that can be harmful. here’s a video if you would like a more in-depth explanation.

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    • Sadly I’m yet to read a John Green book! Thanks for the recommendation though, I’ll be sure to read Looking for Alaska first 😉

      I’ve never taken the test too seriously – I’m not even sure what the last three letters mean – and don’t wholly agree that everyone is either an introvert or extrovert anyway as it depends on the situation, so it didn’t really affect me to start with and I’m not surprised it’s been disproven. Thanks for the warning though!


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