Fact File: Minho (from The Maze Runner) (doesn’t have a surname either)

Hey Gladers (characters from The Maze Runner who live in the Glade at the heart of the maze)! Is it just me or have I got weirdly into brackets lately…? Anywhosss today I’m back with another Glader fact file! This time on Minho, one of my favourite characters EVER because he so sarky but also has guts and I just wanna squish him but he might take my eye out if I did.

Onto the fact file! Also yes of course the art below isn’t mine, Sandra, and it never will be unless I discover I’m a descendant of Leonardo Da Vinci and have secret artistic gifts I never knew of before but the chances of that are slim because he didn’t have any children… And here I am getting sidetracked again. In short, I didn’t draw the fanart in this post but the artist is wonderfully talented so please go check them out and cry with envy for their gifts.

Minho :
Gender : Male
Age : 17 (estimated)
Occupation : Keeper of the Runners
Famous for : sarcasm, physical strength
Starring : The Maze Runner (Books 1-3), The Kill
Order, The Fever Code , Films (actor : Ki Hong Lee)

Comment :
Minho was one of the first to arrive in The Glade
so is seen by the others as a leader. His strength
both outwardly and inwardly, as is evident in the
face of peril, aid him in his job as a Runner.
Always first to volunteer in difficult situations,
he's unafraid to stand up for what is right even
if it's stupid and/or very dangerous. Basically he
is quite stubborn BUT ALSO A BADASS. As well as his
bravery, he has also proven loyal and trustworthy
to his closest friends. He's always there to lighten
the mood even if it annoys the Gladers and they're
literally on the brink of death, so really he's the
true hero of the story.

To learn more about Minho, click here.

Charlie’s angels

The perks of being a wallflower ~ Stephen Chbosky

Hey bookworms! I’ve finally read the masterpiece that is The perks of being a wallflower and oh how glad I am that I did. When I was little I read a lot of cringy high school books, but this one is aimed at an older audience so tackles a wider range of more important subjects that honestly need to be given more attention in schools. But yeah, less ranting about how terrible schools are at dealing with stuff and more ranting about Charlie and this book and how he dealt with stuff.

As Charlie, a wallflower, reserved but attentive, begins his freshman year of high school, he develops an unlikely friendship with a group of seniors who help him navigate the complexities of high school life, introducing him to a world of vibrant culture. However Charlie is numbed by the loss in his past and over time his closest friends – Sam and Patrick – must teach him how to feel again, but most of all how to step away from the sidelines and experience life to the fullest.

Ahhhh this book! Honestly a work of art. Unlike many high schoolish books, this one actually made me think about stuff when I put it down. Crazy, right?? As aforementioned, it discussed loads of teenish topics from social anxiety and suicide to friendship and sexuality all in a relatively smol book, written as letters from Charlie to a stranger so we were right inside Charlie’s brainforest (eek my favourite word), feeling everything he was feeling. Being a wallflower, it was kind of easy for Charlie to be treated like a puppy, which I felt he was quite a lot throughout the book especially as his friends were pretty much all older than him. But being inside Charlie’s head the whole time was so incredibly interesting and insightful because it showed every little thing he saw and thought and felt that the other characters were unaware of. I was so immersed in the story because Charlie was so well-written, and surprisingly relatable despite being a pretty outgoing muffin myself, always wanting to have a say in everything. Charlie constantly had a lot on his mind about love and life and all the deep things, but he’d only really open up about all of it in his letters which created a stronger bond between him and the reader, or at least that’s how I felt.

I guess we are who we are for a lot of reasons. And maybe we’ll never know most of them. But even if we don’t have the power to choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there. We can still do things. And we can try to feel okay about them.

By the end of the book Charlie really felt like a friend and *sniffs* I’m going to miss him… I loved his lil quirks, especially his repetition of the word ‘incidentally’ (seriously it was in almost every letter, ’twas adorable don’t ask me why) and the phrase ‘and that was enough’ as well, which just showed how much he appreciated everything in his life and aw I just wanted to squish him every time he said it.

Also we must talk about Charlie’s family because aaaak his relationship with them was just the sweetest lil thing. His parents were actually nice? And alive? But not creepily overprotective? But also not neglectful? And he actually got on with his siblings? Like, thank you Stephen Chbosky because this is pretty rare in YA. Sam and Patrick were angels too – hence the title of this post – and I loved how unique and loving each of Charlie’s friends were. Just hugs and cookies all round.

I watched the film about a year before I read the book I think? So I couldn’t really remember the storyline, other than the fact that it made me sob an ocean or two but I didn’t actually cry in the book. I’m thinking my heart may have been shipped to Antarctica and then been mailed back cold and frozen in the space between watching the film and reading the book. Who even knows what adventures my heart has been on, but I sure went on an adventure reading this book even if my heart was a bit icy. A cute, slightly cringy tale of love and all that gobbledygook* that I’d recommend to anyone who has a heart but wants it shredded.

Clover count: ♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣ (9/10)

*I just looked up where the word ‘gobbledygook’ comes from and well…

What exactly is gobbledygook, and where does the word come from? Texas Congressman Maury Maverick coined the word in 1944 to describe the frustrating jargon used by policymakers in Washington. It reminded him of the sound of turkeys gobbling.

5 of my favourite Wattpad books

Howdy bookworms! Today I’ve decided to talk a bit about some of my favourite Wattpad books because Wattpad doesn’t get as much credit on this blog as it deserves. For those of you who don’t know, Wattpad is a wonderful place where wannabe writers publish their books for anyone to read on the app or website, with or without an account, and it’s completely free! And no I’m not sponsored by Wattpad, I just think it’s GREAT so you’re welcome for the promo Wattpad.

But also a heads-up if you do choose to read Wattpad: there are some writers who have been published and some who are arguably better than published writers, but most just want somewhere to read and share stories, which is great! All I’m saying is, don’t go in thinking you’ll be reading perfectly plotted, well-edited stories, because they are pretty hard to find on there. Trust me, I’ve looked. Every once in awhile though, you can find a really good book, so I’ve spared you the agonising search in this post with a list of a few of the best books on Wattpad, that I’ve found, in my opinion. You may hate them, but I hope not because they really are adorable. A round of applause and a cookie for the writers responsible.

Also, if you choose to read any of the books listed below, you’ll probably notice that most of them are pretty short and that’s because, as aforementioned, Wattpad books like these are quite hard to find and so I don’t like to commit too much to a long book if it’s not going to be worth it, ya know? So yeah, reading them won’t take up too much of your time! And they’re great so it’s fine!


1) December ~ @starlightt

So this one is probably my favourite book on Wattpad? That I can think of. The story is from the POV of the cutest lil guy named Sam I think heheh it been a while since I read it (aka a couple months ah where is my brain someone send out a search party [this is actually a reference to a book I’m reading currently but that’s for another post]) but I do remember he was the cutest and it’s a romance so even more cuteness; honestly though if you’re not majorly into all the lovey-dovey stuff you should read it just for the café because AESTHETIC. There’s a sequel too – Mittens – which is also super cyute but the cuteness is squashed into a smaller story.

Short Poems by a Short Girl [WATTYS Winner 2015]

2) Short Poems by a Short Girl ~ @MoreThanMeetsTheSky

Definitely a close second behind December except this is just a collection of poems so I guess it’s the best in the poetry category and December is the best in the bookish category. There are around 100 poems, each around 5 lines but they left such a mark on me? None of them is really related to each other as well. No wonder it one a Watty award. Also a sequel called Slightly Taller exists which I’m yet to read! And another one of her books is in my library because it’s called Then She Dyed her Hair Pink and Moved to Venus so why would I not add it?

The Peanut Butter Banana Ratio (COMPLETED)

3) The Peanut Butter Banana Ratio ~ @DAVEFRANC0

I LOOOOVE THIS BOOK it so cheesy but also peanut butter-y and just all round bananas and oh look at that title reference. We all know that my memory has just gone at this point, but I do remember (it’s a miracle!) that I was drawn to this book pretty much because I’m shallow and liked the cover. Blue is my favourite colour and I would totally wear those shoes and peanut butter is sort of the best thing ever created? Except not really for peeps with nut allergies… Moving on, this book is just the sweetest story of a girl who can make the perfect peanut butter and banana sandwich and other stuff happens but nothing more is really important when sandwiches are involved.

As Cold As

4) As Cold As ~ @AbbieeOfficial

Written by Abbiee! Who has a blog! Which is pretty! And amazing! And she can sing too! Check her out!

But yeah, this lil story is so beautifully written and I’m seeing a bit of a winter theme in this list? I was born in winter sooo maybe that’s why… I’M GETTING SIDE TRACKED. The story! Yes, the story is of a slightly stalkery boy who shovels snow, I believe for this rich family and he becomes curiously drawn to the daughter of his employer who he watches ice skate and wow I read this less than a year ago but that’s pretty much all I can remember what is my brain up to I wonder. So short but the plot was novel-worthy so ya know hint hint Abbiee.

All the Things In Between

5) All the Things in Between ~ @titanically-

This is a collection of… well it’s difficult to describe. Ah that’s it! ‘Tis a collection of descriptions. Each chapter is everything beautiful about each colour, but described by a girl to a blind boy in such a way that he can feel them and the imagery is just beautiful? A work of art which should be read immediately! Or you’ll suffer an artless life! It’s not even long! There’s no reason not to read it! Go go go! (After finishing this post of course haha don’t leave me.)

So there y’all have a handful of my favourite books on Wattpad! Short Poems, As Cold As and All the Things in Between are quick and easy to read so I’d recommend trying those if you want to try any of them but have a terrifyingly tall TBR tower and can’t give too much time to books such as those on Wattpad. But it’s up to you! Enjoy and explore! If you find or have found some good Wattpad books then list them below so I and others can read them! Spread the Watty love y’all 🙂

Lettuce Discuss returns!

Hey y’all. So you know how I said, roughly this time last year, that I would start doing discussion posts once a month? And you know how I didn’t? Well I thought it’s about time I started, seeing as I enjoyed writing my first quite a bit. And to make sure I actually keep on top of my discussions I decided to join this year’s discussion challenge (hosted by It Starts At Midnight and Feed Your Fiction Addiction) and actually commit to it this time! Doesn’t that sound like a lot of stress effort fun? 🙂 I’m hoping to write one a month, but let’s not get our hopes up too much before I’ve even started. Hopefully there’ll be one up next month, but for now here’s a little poem I wrote to make this post an acceptable length:

Once upon a time

A bookdragon loved to rhyme

And babbled so much

You could say it was a crime


So one day she said

“I’ll discuss calmly instead”

And joined a link up

So her babbles could be read

And… yep that’s all I got. But discussions to come! Wooooo. Who else has or is going to link up? What should I discuss?

Fact File: Thomas (from The Maze Runner) (I just realised he doesn’t have a surname) (how sad)

Hey bookworms. I just recently finished The Maze Runner trilogy and OH MY PRECIOUS HEART. Well, what’s left of it. To ease the pain a little – of finishing the series and of the various *sniffs* deaths – I thought I’d revisit my book character fact files just for him. I mean he’s not my favourite character in the series, but he has been through A LOT so he deserves some appreciation. Also he has no surname, not to mention no family, so this is the least I can do. You’re welcome, Tommy. Oh look more tears… I’m fine… *sobbing*

Warning: this fact file may contain minor spoilers for The Maze Runner trilogy so BEWARE! You have been warned. Proceed with the upmost caution.

Also I take no credit for the artwork pictured below. I don’t have that much talent.

Thomas :
Gender : Male
Age : 17 (estimated)
Occupation : Runner, Creator of the Maze
Famous for : good looks, curiosity, bravery
Starring in : The Maze Runner - Books 1-3, The Kill
Order, The Fever Code , Films (actor : Dylan O'Brien)

Comment :
Thomas is the protagonist of the trilogy, often
leading the Gladers with his heroic determination
and intellect. Almost immediately he takes control
of the group, his crazy but creative ideas helping
them out of a number of sticky situations. Loyalty
is important to him, and his primary instinct is to
help others, especially his friends, putting their
needs before his as well as always seeing the best
in them. His romantic feelings are constantly
conflicted between Teresa and Brenda throughout the
books... but honestly his bromance with Minho was
enough love for the whole series like c'mon guys.

To learn more about Thomas, click here.

Family, friendship and other fluff

Where Dandelions Grow ~ Lydia Howe

Heyy all. Guess what I’m finally posting? That’s right: the eARC review of Where Dandelions Grow by Lydia Howe! Taken me awhile, I know, but it’s never too late to review a book, right? Unless it’s a review copy… which this is… *awkward cough* um, thanks for the copy Lydia! I did post a review in time on goodreads, but still this review is shamefully late, so apologies all round. But let’s not dwell too much on my tardiness and instead get on with the review.

Onward we go, to a place where dandelions grow…

(Oh snap, that rhyme was so unintentional, I couldn’t be more proud of myself.)

Determined to discover the locations of her cousins – Lexie, Teal and Kamryn – and the reason behind their separation as kids, Destiny returns to her childhood town, Swallow Ridge. 11 years after being uprooted from there by her mother, Destiny has been living by the rule that she must never speak of Swallow Ridge or her cousins again. But why? In her search for the truth, Destiny uncovers a deeper history than she imagined, but she’s confident she can finally bring peace to her family. Is it possible, though, if her mother is insistent on shunning her family forever? As Destiny begins to accept her parents and what they’ve done, she also gradually opens a doorway for God to enter her life, trusting that he will aid her on her path of mending something that should’ve been mended long ago…

Ok so, I loved this book. I’m not even saying that because it’s a review copy – I did genuinely adore it. For me, it ticked all the boxes. Destiny, the main character, was sooo relatable, I don’t think any book character has made me say ‘same’ so many times in one book. Even the smallest things like the pain of braces and having to cut up apples or growing up watching Anne of Green Gables, or praying in your mind that the person across the counter won’t start a conversation, or acting out scenes from your story before writing them… From time to time I found the inside of Destiny’s brainforest slightly odd or annoying, but then I realised that Destiny is just like me (well, very similar to me), making me like this book 64029% more than I already did because I felt such a connection with Destiny, which is really important for a reader.

I loooooved the chemistry between Destiny and her cousins too; their relationship felt so normal. As characters they were very different and unique, a rare occurrence in a book with four girls at the centre of the plot. Teal was definitely my favourite because she’s just so cute, especially with her cello, Charlie. YEP, YOU HEARD ME RIGHT. SHE NAMED HER CELLO. If she got any cuter she’d be my cat wearing a Christmas jumper. I also really liked how Destiny’s relationship with her family developed, and how at the end you know it will continue to do so. The mother-daughter relationship Destiny had with her mum was so complex but understandable, how she resented her mother but realised she had been through what Destiny had been through and the whole plot behind that was so well done. The whole family aspect really made this book the awesomeness that it is.

The writing was another ticked box: easy to read but not too simple, it just flowed so beautifully with an even mix of description and dialogue. ALSO THE ENDING WAS MY FAVEEEE. ‘Twas enough to satisfy me, being a good ending without need of a sequel or epilogue. The sprinkle of flashbacks from Destiny’s past were a nice touch, too.

I learned a lot from this book, but it was in no way preachy. And how dandelions were weaved in like that? At first I kinda thought that the title was irrelevant to the story, but with the flashbacks you begin to realise that the whole book is centred around just one, beautiful weed. Isn’t that cool? You’ll understand how if you read it 😉 Also, 10 extra points for avoiding romance as best as possible, and instead focusing on family.

But why didn’t you give this book 10/10 clovers, Simi? (As you may have caught sight of my clover count below.) Excellent question there, Frank. It may have ticked all the boxes, but as a book, Where Dandelions Grow lacked shabang – it was short and sweet and made me smile, but not sweet enough that I passed out, ya know?

I have a lot left to say for such a short book, but for now: amazing read, not too long, would recommend to anyone of all ages. Go read now please thank you and goodbye.

Clover count: ♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣ (9/10)

Book look forward ~ 2018

So hey y’all, hope you’re having a relatively exciting start to the New Year! I’m not particularly because I have a cold and a sore throat and ALL THE TERRIBLE THINGS BASICALLY. Sad I know, but to cheer us all up, I do have some good news! I got a smol smattering of books for Christmas and today I shall list them, as well as list some of the books I still need to read from my book look forward in 2017… and a couple of others I’ve received this year that desperately need to be gobbled. And as a treat, I’m also going to be telling all you bookish people my goals for 2018, despite hardly fulfilling the ones from last year, but I can only improve, right?

And I know what’s been eating all of your brains for the past 5 or so months: Simi, didn’t you say you’d have a competition near Christmas instead of on your blogiversary because you needed to sort yourself and your blog out? Well yeah, that competition probably won’t happen until my next blogiversary, but that will be my 5th so I’ll try make it big and special!

Anywho, let’s have a peek at what this year has in store…

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (20th Anniversary Edition – Gryffindor) ~ J.K. Rowling

I have read this book before, but that was almost 4 years ago now so I think it’s around about time for a reread, of the whole series in fact. And how could I not read something so pretty?! I’m a Gryffindor (in case you didn’t realise) which I think is the prettiest of the four editions, but maybe I’m just biased… IT JUST SO GORGEOUS. The smol picture above doesn’t capture its beauty right, but you can trust me. IT BEAUT.

A Monster Calls ~ Patrick Ness

I watched the film of this in English last year and OUCH MY HEART. I love those books about an ordinary child who goes to ordinary school and does ordinary things and then BAM there’s a tree monster voiced by Liam Neeson in their back garden. The story is just beautiful and the cover is so spooky and argh I can’t wait to eat this one.

The perks of being a wallflower ~ Stephen Chbosky

So yeahhh I watched the film of this too. I had a spare afternoon, ok? But that was over a year ago now, I believe, and honestly, I don’t remember much about it other than the main character’s name. Very hyped to read this though because the bookish peeps out there in the big wide internet will not stop going on about how brilliant it is, and I feel like I’m missing out, ya know? Also I’m totally watching the film again once I read it because ’tis adorable.

Ok, this time I will actually try to blog every week…

…as well as branch out a lil more with my posts

Reach 100 followers

I wanted to change up my goals a bit from last year’s, so I’m going to read 41 books this year instead of 40 haha look at me so sneaky

And possibly even write a book for NaNoWriMo

Sadly, these wonderful two weeks of book looks is over for another year, but there’s a whole year ahead and it’s going to be amazing! Well, I hope. Happy New Year, y’all! Here’s to another year of me obsessing over the word ‘brainforest’ and trying to pretend I’m southern with my ‘y’all’s…

What books did you get for Christmas? How were your holidays? What are your goals for the new year? Is it just me who doesn’t like mince pies and felt a bit awkward at Christmas, standing in the corner with the Twiglets while everyone else was munching away at the lil mincy beasts?